Classes and Pricing

We truly believe that yoga is for everyone. There is so many different types of yoga out there, you just have to find what is right for you. That is why we offer a wide range of classes from basics, to power vinyasa, to heated set sequences. We offer a 30 day unlimited yoga for our new students at a great cost, so you can try as many different classes and teachers as you can. We want you to find what’s right for you and will help in whatever way we can!

No yoga stuff? No worries, we have mats, towels, and water that you can rent (you can keep the water).


Back to Basics

  • If words like downward dog, vinyassa, flow, or chataranga leave you saying “what the…….” this is the class for you. This class will help you get started into the world of yoga through detailed instructions and beginners postures. Great refresher for Existing students Too.

  • Basic yoga poses, proper alignment, use of props, the benefits of proper breathing, breathing techniques and relaxation are taught and explored.

  • This class is a great confidence booster for any level of practice- old or new to the yoga world. No heat 


Prana Hot

  • All Levels heated class perfect for beginners. If you are looking for something traditional, REPETITIOUS, calming, and a way to feel wrung out, this is your class. We have derived this series from a traditional bikram class, keeping the good stuff and adding some prana love.

  • The temperature gets up to 100 degrees and ~60% humidity. Classes are 90 or 60min.

  • There is no music in this class to promote a calm meditative feel. The sequence stays the same so you always know what you are getting. No vinyasa which is great for our students with wrist and shoulder issues.

  • suitable for ages 16 and older



  • Our vinyasa classes will get you moving, breathing and sweating. This is not a set sequence, so plan on seeing something new and different every class.

  • All Prana VINYASAs are ENERGETIC flows that will get you moving from postures to posture creating heat from the inside out. Practice may be accompanied by more up-beat music.

  • Classes range from gentle flows more suited to beginners and people looking for gentler moves to advanced vinyasa that will take you out of your comfort zone and into you reaching new POTENTIALS.


Power hour

  • Need to get a quickie in at lunch time? Power hour is a great way to get you a workout to break up the work day.

  • Faster paced flowing series. very similar to our vinyasa, just a little more sweatier.

  • in the colder months we add a little heat to get you warmer faster. ~85 degrees no humidifiers 


Prana Resistance

  • This class combines your love of Yoga with strength training using resistance bands and your own body weight. Staying connected to the mind body and breath this class pushes you beyond your limiting beliefs.

  • Room is heated approximately 90’ no humidifiers


  • stretching, flexibility and balance practice. Great for the very beginner. INSTRUCTOR is a “Yoga4Seniors” Graduate



Yin and meditation/stretch classes

  • Release tension and stress with a series of Yin postures while learning to meditate

  • This laid back class will have your eyes rolling back in your head. You will be ready for bed and won’t feel the need to think about all those things you were so stressed out about before yoga.

  • Postures are held much longer to help you tap into connective tissue, giving you a greater release.



First timers

  • $39.00 Unlimited yoga for your first 30 days


  • $10.00 Drop-in

Class cards & drop in rates (all class cards can be shared with family members, 9 month expiration)

  • Drop in $20.00

  • 10 class card $169.00

  • 25 class card $350

  • 30 days unlimited yoga $150


Prana Membership

  • $90.00 monthly recurring fee (3 month initial commitment, includes mat storage and towel upon each visit)

Specials and Deals

  • $39.00 monthly recurring fee for all students that can show a valid ID

  • $7.00 community classes Monday nights @ 7:15pm

  • Keep your eyes peeled for specials around the studio, on our Prana email, and social media!