$10.00 Drop In

$39.00 for 30 days

Class Preparation

Studio opens 15 minutes prior to class.

New students plan to arrive 15 minutes early to register.

Show up well hydrated.

Practice on a light stomach.

Bring a yoga mat, large towel and water or plan to rent/buy.

Remember to keep an open mind.

We have changing rooms and restrooms with showers.

No cell phones in studio please (unless it’s an emergency- please

speak to the instructor prior to class).

First timers please know, yoga has almost nothing to do with flexibility. So, please, do not be intimidated with the degree of your flexibility. Balance, strength and flexibility are all bi-products of yoga practice. Yoga’s underlying purpose is to consciously bring us back into mental, physical, and spiritual harmony.

As we practice yoga, the mind becomes still which enables us to listen to ourselves. For most of us this is a totally new phenomenon. As we learn to listen to what our body needs, it becomes our greatest teacher. This is what allows us to work hard, yet safely.

Yoga literally means “union” and “balance”. It is a union of the body, mind, and soul. Our body and mind work together as a team. An emotion is our body’s reaction to our mind. As we teach our mind to approach our body with kind, compassionate, and non-judgmental thoughts, our body will understand that energy as love and will respond favorably.

As we heal our mind, our bodies’ health will naturally follow.  Yoga by its very nature is challenging. It is a non-competitive exercise. Sincere effort is its only requirement. You will learn how to work with yourself, not against. It is important to take it easy in the beginning and remember straining will not expedite your practice but will only impede it.

Remember, breathing is the main function of the practice and is SO important we named our studio after this concept.  May you learn to say “Prana Yoga” with a breath affiliated. Breathe people just breathe.  The path of yoga is truly self-acceptance.   As you learn to make your body your friend, you can miraculously transform your whole life.  That is our hope for you!