Prana Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training 2019-2020


We are laid back yogis teaching some serious yoga. Be apart of our team. Our training is broken down into three parts, the basic, growth, and expansion. We will build a strong base for you to grow and then finally expand and challenge your base. We want you to find the freedom in being the authentic teacher that you are. Each month we focus on a Niyama or Yama, the base of yoga philosophy and ethics. This training will not only challenge you physically, old stagnant ways of thinking, but also mentally. You will grow in more ways than you ever knew you could.





Ahimsa: Non-Violence

Friday 10, 5:30P - 9:30P

Saturday 11, 10:00A-6:00P

Sunday 12, 9:15A-5:15P

We start off with a quick history of this beautiful practice. We check in with your practice and your goals for the training. We look at the very base building blocks of a vinyasa yoga practice.


Satya: Truthfulness

Friday 7, 5:30P - 9:30P

Saturday 8,10:00A-6:00P

Sunday 9, 9:15A-5:15P

Your first anatomy intensive. We bring in a special guest to share knowledge of the human form. We talk anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics of the overall form and common yoga postures.

Open CE Workshop for RYTs


Asteya: Non-Stealing Brahmacharya: Non-Indulgence

Friday 13, 5:30P - 9:30P

Saturday 14, 10:00A-6:00P

Sunday 15, 9:15A-5:15P

This weekend we will dive deep into what creates a strong and successful vinyasa flow. We will explore sequencing for beginners, advanced, to all levels. YTTs will have their first practice teach this weekend.

CE for RYT: Sequencing Vinyasa 20 CE 


The Growth



Aparigraha: Non-Possessiveness

Friday 10, 5:30P - 9:30P

Saturday 11, 10:00A-6:00P

Sunday 12, 9:15A-5:15P

Chakras, energy channels, and nodes! Explore the subtle body with the western medicine doctor Victoria Cornelius. This weekend is always a real


Saucha: Purity

Friday 1, 5:30P - 9:30P

Saturday 2, 10:00A-6:00P

Sunday 3, 9:15A-5:15P

Learn the beauiful sister science of yoga, Aryuveda.

open workshop: Singing bowl meditation


Santosa: Contentment

Friday 12, 5:30P - 9:30P

Saturday 13, 10:00A-6:00P

Sunday 14, 9:15A-5:15P

YTTs will use our over halfway mark to test their yogi skills and lead their next group practicum. We will also explore the ever evolving nervous system and how our yoga practice and lives are affected by what we do and how we think. We will dive deep into our neurology and reaction systems.


The Expansion


Tapas: Self-Disipline

Friday 10, 5:30P - 9:30P

Saturday 11, 10:00A-6:00P

Sunday 12, 9:15A-5:15P

You are in for yet another treat as we offer a weekend full of yin and restorative yoga .


Svadhavaya: Self-Study

Friday 7, 5:30P - 9:30P

Saturday 8, 10:00A-6:00P

Sunday 3, 9:15A-5:15P

Let’s talk business. There are so many yogis and yoga teachers out there today, it can be intimidating thinking about putting yourself out there. This weekend we will dive into the nitty gritties of actually getting jobs and teaching. How much you should get paid and what can set you apart in this ever evolving world of yoga without involving goats.



Ishvara Pranidhana: Surrender

Friday 11, 5:30P - 9:30P

Saturday 12, 10:00A-6:00P

Sunday 13, 9:15A-5:15P

Our final weekend will consist of the importance of practice and maintaining your yoga practice. This beautiful journey might be coming to an end, but it is the beginning of new chapters and experiences. We will have our last practice teach and the the yogis will be unleashed unto the public.



$2600 Paid in full

$2700 with 5 payments of $540 throughout training

In accordance with Yoga Alliance Standards:

Prana Yoga is a registered yoga school in accordance with Yoga Alliance, the largest yoga hub for registered yogis. At Prana we meet the basic requirement and go beyond. What we make sure of is that you get the base:

  • 75 Hours of Techniques, Training, and Practice: Asana, Pranayama & Subtle Body

  • 30 Hours of Anatomy, Physiology, and Biomechanics

  • 30 Hours of Yoga Humanities: History, Philosophy, and Ethics

  • 65 Hours of Professional Essentials: Teaching Methodology, Professional Development, Practicum (min. 10hours), and Electives



Anna Welsh 500E-RYT, Lead Trainer, Facilitator

Michelle Waite 200ERYT, Lead Trainer

Cathy Ahearn 200YRT, Owner of Prana Yoga, facilitator

Dr. Jeff Quinn MD, Anatomy & Physiology

Dr. Victoria Cornelius MD, Reiki, Energy Medicine, Chakras

Jennifer Jones 500E-RYT, Aryuvedic medicine

Cindy Kosteki 500RYT, Yin & Restorative Yoga

Lucy Volding 200RYT, Beginners & Modifications